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With 4 dealerships located just off the Louis-Hippolyte-Lafontaine Tunnel exit, Duval offers some of the best vehicle brands on the market.


Catering to Montreal’s south shore clientele, Duval lends its trusted reputation to brands like Toyota, Scion, Mazda, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Sprinter and Smart.


With nearly 1000 new and used vehicles in inventory and over 300 experts, Duval is committed to finding the right solutions to your needs.


To each his own style … to each his own DUVAL!


In the automotive industry, the name Duval is a symbol of longevity perpetuated across generations.

Founded in 1919, the DUVAL brand relies on nearly 100 years of experience, sharing its knowledge to both staff and loyal customers.
Over the course of a century and propelled by honesty, integrity and reliability, our company has built a strong relationship with its customers. We strive to improve every single day by listening to them, adapting to the changing demands and trends of the market.

Whether looking for a smaller economical car or to meet environmental concerns, whether for business or personal use, whether for practicality or purely for pleasure, whether new or used... you can trust in Duval Auto's undisputed reputation and long-standing commitment to satisfy your needs, with each brand it carries.

Luc Duval

Président Groupe Duval Auto
Duval Toyota


Richard Lagacé

Directeur Général Duval Mercedes-Benz et Volkswagen
Duval Mercedes-Benz